Sometimes…  A weird, an odd, a strange silence comes into our mind. And nothing can change it. Neither music which comes from a native sound  nor any noise which comes from many children and birds. Only flowers… The smell of flowers can change this situation… They bring a music with their flavor and give a voice with their color. That voice says “Life is worth to live!”


It would be real miracle if we could move to cave time with this mind.


Who wants to live in the cave time?

Is it no one?

Think again!

No responsibilities, not too much work! Only life and only pleasure.


Maybe little bit nature issues. Something lightning or thunder or rain that cannot have been explained yet.  It will be up to, normal, never mind. And mini tiny wild life problem can be. But it is not a big problem either. If you find a strong cave which has tough walls and narrow doors, it cannot be bother. Besides a lot of benefits are waiting you.

First of all you do not have to do too much work. If you are a man, you have to hunt with the other cave people. Nothing else matter. Come home and make love. That’s it.

Let’s have a look the other advantages for two genders. For men and women:

Ladies first :)

Being a woman in a cave time is a big chance. Let’s examine with detail one by one:

1-You do not have to work. Only pick up some fruits and seeds happily with the other women. It is like jogging.

2- You do not have to think what you wear every day. As you know we have a million clothes today but we do not have right one that morning. But in the cave time you have less choice. One day a fig leave the other day an oak leave. That’s it! Less choice is less confusing.

3-You do not have to care your weight. Thanks God that chocolate has not been discovered yet. The other extreme delicious either. You are always fit.

4-Never mind making up or skin care something. You do not have to pay liposuction or aesthetic surgery. No pain, no problem. Catchword is: “Be natural be happy.”

5-This is the best one! Whoever you want to make love, you can take him. Especially if you are a leader of the cave, you are queen!

Now for a man:

All pleasures are for you my man! Do not ask how it is. Only think!

1-You have never, ever paid for a luxury present for your girl friend. -We do not say ‘wife’ because people (or religion which was invented by people) has not set the rule of marriage yet.- In fact you have not got to pay for anything. You are already a gift by your hunting skills. Because if you are not, they will starve to death. You are very important as a man. They cannot live without you. They need you. So use it for yourself! 

2-You do not have to keep the birthday’s calendar in your mind. As you know calendar has not explored yet either. It is not big point who was born and when. The only important topic is living and having fun.

3-The most considerable point is sex. It is easy my man! It is easy. You do not have to be face to face a relationship and connected with relationship problems. No jealousy, no nag.

4-Also you do not have to care for your body or clothes or anything about your appearance. Everyone is the same in the cave and everyone wants to be live and to have fun.

Cave time would be really marvelous. Life philosophy is simple and easy. Hunt, eat and make love! That’s it.

                                                                                          Emine SUPCIN